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In high school, I created a warrior character based on the red tabby cat I had at the time, unoriginally named 'Tabby'.

Color pencil illustration of Tabber the Red wearing short braids breastplates, epaulets, tooth necklace, kilt, knee high boots and holds a dirk in a gloved left hand or paw

I grew up on Greek myths, fairy tales, some Viking lore, and later, other cultural myths/folklore. I watched and read a lot of Sword & Sorcery media, like "Conan the Barbarian" and "Kull the Conquerer". I also enjoyed TV miniseries and documentaries about historical warrior figures such as Shaka Zulu and Erik the Red. Because of these early influences, I developed a world where the nations are peopled by felines.

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Latest News:

South AfriFur - podcast/radio station located in South Africa, invited me and three other Black Furries to discuss current events.

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"FursOfColor Roundtable [7 Jun 2020] - South Afrifur Podcast" on YouTube

In honor of Black History Month, the Furry Writers' Guild featured me on Valentine's Day! Read my interview on The FWG's website - Black History Month Spotlight: Copper Sphynx and on
Amy Clare Fontaine's blog too!

Scifi short story "Catching Feels" the sequel to "The Human Network" will appear in speculative fiction journal, Kyanite Press Vol 2:Issue 2 February 2020!

My first science fiction short story "The Human Network" debuts in Kyanite Publishing's speculative fiction journal, Kyanite Press Vol 1:Issue 6 this July 2019!

My interview is also available on Kyanite Publishing's website!

Anthro Harlem Renaissance-inspired poem
"Only Hound Dogs Up In Harlem" is out in Typewriters Emergencies issues!

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Author's Note
Tabber the Red-old banner from previous website-cat-warrior snarling and weapon above his head
Why is this site named Tabber the Red?

Tabber the Red is an orange cat warrior and an ongoing sword & sorcery series of the same name. Stories from this world are published.

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